Birthday Parties

MusikFUNdamentals will provide the entertainment for your child’s birthday party at a location of your choice, as long as there is room to dance! We can create a playlist to go with the theme of your party, and gear the activities to the ages of the participants. We provide a musical birthday gift for the birthday child and ask that you put our business cards in any goody bags going home with the other children.

Cost: $175 Discounts available for current and prior MusikFUNdamentals clients

Contact us now to schedule your party!

Play Dates

At MusikFUNdamentals, we are happy to schedule a musical play date for you and your friends. We can do this for a group of neighbors, an organized mom’s group, or you and your BFF’s and your children. It’s best for children to be somewhat close in age. We recommend that the musical activity time be 30-45 minutes, and we can do this in our studio or in your home (as long as there’s room to dance!)

We need a minimum of 4 families and cannot accommodate more than 15 families in our studio. We ask that you do the scheduling with the families and let us know how many to expect. The cost is $15 per family. Contact us now to schedule your play date!